Oracle Oak
Fine Art& Craft
By Hati Meier-King



In her life-long practice, Hati Meier-King has explored art and creativity through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Meier-King has always naturally gravitated toward art for its centering and meditative qualities. She does not limit herself, finding inspiration everywhere and the various mediums fascinating. Her work – from her lifelike realism in colored pencil, to her precision in pen & ink, the vibrancy of her paintings, and the 3D real-life appearance of her painted fish suspended in resin – makes it difficult to pin her with a specific style. Her greatest artistic influences are the various female artists and artisans throughout her family tree and the community of artists and troubadours she was raised in. As such, Meier-King falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement or period, but she remains a captivating artist who never ceases to intrigue.